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Get started with digital marketing because we believe anybody can become an online marketer.

India Graffiti Run - #IndiaGraffitiRun

Get Starter Website

First step to getting acquainted in digital marketing starts with your own website. Build your own website with as little as nothing (seriously nothing!) with Hash Dash Digital.

One Page Website - Pallab

Build Pro Website

Create compelling responsive parallax campaigns embedded in rich visual storytelling with SEO apt parallax scrolling 3D effects driven by hashtag marketing strategy.

Inbound Marketing - Pallab

Online Marketing

Did you know that Hash Dash Digital also #hshdsh can lift user engagement on websites by up to 4X times current rate? For end to end digital marketing solutions.

Content Marketing - Hash Dash Digital

Content Marketing

One major FAQ on digital marketing is how to promote websites for free! Answer is with strategic content marketing.

Pallab's UI/UX Designs

Campaigns optimized for host of devices for better engagement.

Street Art India

Street Art India

Graffiti Murals and Street Art Festival in India

India Travel Photographer

Travel Photography

Check out special coverage on India's Festival of Colours!

Himachal Geographic

Himachal Geographic

Indian stock photo agency and custom photography services.

Cafe Musart

Cafe Musart

Tearoom, WiFi, Music and Art Studio New Delhi

Case Studies by Pallab

Pallab Blogs for Bytes!

#GrowthHacking @Neonmob – is it #cheating?

Neonmob’s current scheme of algorithm is predictable and that’s what led to speculations & arbitrations of closure which should never be an option. What's your say!

Guide to Social Media Growth Hack via #hshdsh

Know what people talk about brands and insight consumerism stats to determine behavioral traits conducive for better selling. Grab your eBook to reveal more!

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Wheel marketing cycles with better strategy! Fuel speed to reach goals with social signals. Buzz in way you do business. Redefine milestones with achievable targets.
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Get the latest news, insights, and ideas from Hash Dash DGTL on street art outdoor advertising and digital marketing campaigns for brands, start-ups & websites driven by IGR.
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Outline conversion strategy from centralized landing pages, micro sites, social campaigns, hashtags, email marketing advanced techniques like holistic & barnacle SEO via native ads.
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